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Story Driven Marketing

A good story never goes out of style and will always have a positive impact. We can help you develop your story, tell it to the right people, and obtain the results you deserve.

Our Expertise

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Inari’s branding is unique. Our job is not only to make an image you’ll love—we want your customers to love your brand as well. We use visual language, communication strategies, and innovative technologies to help you communicate your vision for your brand in a powerful way that will ultimately influence customer behaviors.

Graphic Design

Visual storytelling is a big part of how we work. We are master storytellers with a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology. We apply design principles strategically to help you connect with your market in a meaningful way. We don’t just create a “pretty” logo. Instead we design 3 different directions unique to your business.

User Testing

We employ behavioral psychology principles to understand how people think and make decisions. We test every marketing campaign on customers in your market and try to identify the most effective strategies. Our team is passionate about the science of persuasion and we use insights from Psychology to align strategies 

Web Design

We design websites that make you stand out and produce messaging that inspires action. Web design is the foundation of your online marketing plan. It’s the first thing that most people see when they search for you online. It tells them whether you have the right product and enough information to convince them to buy.

Content Creation

We’re experts at creating content, including graphics and videos that tell your story. We know what content to create, and how to deploy it. With a proven track record across a variety of markets, Inari has the ability to take your marketing challenges from idea to reality by creating, producing, and distributing compelling content.

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Strategist has over 150,000 subscribers and is a worldwide influencer. We’ll create a social media strategy that will best relate to your audience whilst increasing overall engagement and customer loyalty. We’ll help you manage your social media in an effective way that gets the most attention.

Promotional Products

After creating the brand that truly represents your company we work with you to find the best products to get your name out. Whether it be at a local or national convention, we have you covered. We’ll help you obtain everything from Yeti cups and yard signs to pens and company branded shirts while being affordable and quick.

Digital Marketing

Using psychology techniques backed by over 6 decades of scientific research, we help you create marketing that inspires action. Inari has a deep understanding of Psychology, Neuroscience, and how to leverage behavior change. The “hard” science of behavior change is at the core of every marketing campaign Inari creates.


Being in the top 2% of Google and YouTube ads, we can help you get the best results from your advertising campaigns. We’ve created an advertising strategy that will increase awareness and drive action for your brand. We ensure that the advertisements we create will be effective at driving conversions and maintaining ROI.

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